Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Black Thumb

I am a plant killer. I've had this problem for some time, and like many of us I've long been in denial of it. I've bought more plants than I can count with the best intentions. This time, I tell myself, I will really take care of that Venus Fly Trap!  

My insanity started out with buying very pretty (keyword: expensive) items at Rogers Gardens near my house only to find they were dead a few weeks later. I foolishly believed that the more expensive plants would last longer (that must have been a sales pitch). I told myself it must have been that heat wave we had in August ('s always hot in August). I almost hit bottom when the $187 palm tree I bought for my husband's home office gradually turned brown one frond at a time. I think I remembered to water it, but I don't visit organized places in my home very often. 

I moved from the good stuff to $7 plants from Trader Joe's. It's not a big deal if it dies in a week, right? It was Poinsettias in December, Cyclamen for Valentine's Day, and the persistent lure of Hydrangeas. The prefix "hydra" means water, so does that mean Hydrangeas already have a lot of water (so I can ignore them), or I need to water them a lot? A friend told me the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I was certifiable.

Thankfully the solution to my problem is silk plants and trees. I know, I know.. you might think I'm talking about those tacky plastic things you see in the homes of little, blue-haired old ladies. Not all silk plants are equal, and the trees and arrangements from Pacific Silk Plants in San Juan Capistrano are amazing. Pacific Silk Plants is open to the public, but the store also sells to lots of very high end retailers in our area (who then add a hefty retail price tag). Best of all, Pacific Silks ship anywhere in the U.S!

Here is a beautiful arrangement in my kitchen. 
These orchids will probably outlive me.

A gorgeous Fishtail Palm. No watering! I can't kill it! Yea!
The basket is from The Plant Stand in Costa Mesa.

Pacific Silks even had this cute aqua pot!

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Alicia, you don't have a black thumb!!!!! Just perhaps not a very green one. But the silks do look amazing.

    : ) kelley