Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gate Quest

It's funny how I rarely notice house details until I need to make a decision about using one.  Recently we needed to install some new windows, and my contractor asked me what kind of trim I wanted around them. Since I had never given a second thought to window moulding, I drove around slowly prowling my neighborhood. After fifty or so homes, I found the trim I wanted around the new windows (OK, so I'm a little perfectionistic).  This scenario has occurred countless times in the last year while we have been remodeling our house, and my latest obsession (did I really use that word?) is side gates.  Our old wood side gates are falling apart, and we have to replace them soon.  One of the gates no longer opens (which makes trash day problematic). Using my same strategy of scouting the neighborhood, I figured I would have more than enough styles to choose from.  I was oddly disappointed after my field trip.  While there are a plethora of gorgeous custom homes all around me, most of them have really boring gates.  What's the deal?  Am I the only one drawn to a really cool gate?

This is the most common gate in my neighborhood.
There's nothing really wrong with it,
but it's kind of boring.

On to the fun stuff!

 Cottage Style...always classic

Can you believe this one is vinyl?

I love the arch over the gate!

Cool finials on the columns!

The Rustic Look 

Looks like it's 100 years old.  I think it's from a monastery.

Looks like twigs, but I think it's wrought iron!


Several websites call this the "Secret Garden" gate. 
I wish I had this garden!

This gate is from my friend Mimi's house.
I love the wrought iron details.

Another gate at Mimi's house. The center medallion is beautiful.
How lucky is she?

Love the peek-a-boo detail

An Asian influence


  I could live with this one

Pretty, but no privacy

 A chippendale-esque gate?

I'm leaning towards the style of the stained door in the middle...
but perhaps in a fabulous gray to match my house?


I love my dog Panda, but....

For the modern beach house?

Why would anyone want a boring gate?


  1. Hi Alicia,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    About your Cafe Brulot cups (the ones with the devil on them).
    They do have value. I have seen them go for as much as $40. for a cup and saucer, on eBay.
    If you are lucky you can find them at a yard sale for very little money.
    I've collected them over time, and have a set of 18 I use for large dessert parties.
    They are particular to New Orleans.
    The devil on the cup is a symbol of merriment, and the fact that strong chicory coffee is laced with brandy and spices and citrus, and flamed in a special pot, served with a special ladle, pouring the flaming contents into the devilish cups.
    If you go back to my post, there is a link for a recipe for Cafe Brulot.
    xo xo
    PS Good luck with your new blog!!!!

  2. Hi Alicia, Love your new will have fun! All the gates were great and very inspiring!

    xx kelley